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Thursday, 30 March 2023

OptoelectronicsButton catalogue

  • Fiber Optic - Connector systems GOF-PCF-POF
  • Fiber Optic - Interfaces for GOF-PCF-POF
  • Fiber Optic - Transmitter and reciever for GOF-PCF-POF
  • Fiber Optic - Measuring and testing equipment for GOF-PCF-POF
  • Fiber Optic - Cable for GOF-PCF-POF
  • Fiber Optic - Cable assemblies for GOF-PCF-POF
  • Fiber Optic - Installation for GOF-PCF-POF


Development and Application

The expanded sector Ratioplast-OptoElectronics, consolidated with Ratioplast, is the logical consequence
to develop new solutions for numerous operational areas and to produce these for multifaceted applications.
Sensor technology and data transmission are important interfaces which perform comprehensive
and effi cient features. The specialists from Ratioplast-OptoElectronics design and optimise
in this economical sector in partnership and target-oriented to receive an optimal solution for
customer-specifi c problem statement.

Variability and Interactivity

The engineers from Ratioplast-OptoElectronics meet the challenge to accept the market requirements
and to generate innovations. Therefore they dispose the focus notably to new, variable
and effi cient network topology, also to systemized, interactive services like for automotive
range, plant construction, engineering, medical-, traffi c-, rail- and conveyor technique.

Especially the fi ber optic technology with active and passive components is an emphasis in the
development- and production portfolio from Ratioplast-OptoElectronics.

Besides much innovating product developments the company has a high production depth and
can revert to the internal tool design from Ratioplast-Electronics.
Therefore Ratioplast- OptoElectronics is as “100%- system partner” a reliable authority with high standard of quality.


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 LWL Verklebung  LWL Stecker nach dem Spritzguss  LWL Datenauswertung





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