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e-News 01/21

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A return to the usual meetings during business visits does not seem to be planned in the foreseeable future. Even if medical advances and hygiene concepts certainly promise some hope of normality, it will certainly take a while to hold face-to-face discussions again.


The use of technical means such as video or telephone conferences have increasingly moved into the focus of daily working life.

We would be happy to support you in realizing your projects and with these media we offer you the opportunity to meet and communicate quickly.

Your contact for virtual communication for exchanging New developments and their solutions:

Mr. Robert Brüggemeyer
Phone: +49 5741 2366116
Mobil: + 49 170 2464318

Wire spring bushing technology at a high level


A wire spring bushing is also known as a single-leaf rotatable hyperboloid. This type of socket contacts is an expressive reliable application in electrics and in plug-in connectors and its application

In the simplest case, a hyperboloid is one Surface created by rotating a hyperbola around a of their axes


The unique concept means that hyperboloid contacts used in connectors, have the highest performance standards. The distinguishing feature of the hyperboloid socket is the hyperboloid-shaped sleeve, which is formed from straight wires and drawn at an angle to the longitudinal axis.

When the pin is inserted into the wire spring hole (see picture below) the spring wire is flexibly deformed in the radial and axial direction and the pin touches several spring wires at the same time when it is inserted and many independent current paths are created.


Unique advantages such as:


  •  Shock and vibration proof
  •  lifecycle of more than 100,000 mating cycles
  •  Improved current carrying capacity
  •  Very low contact resistance

These advantages make this type of plug connection a system with the
highest demands for medicine, military applications as well as for aerospace technology.

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